Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team

Our leadership team has substantial regulatory knowledge and technical expertise in the design and build of multi-utility networks. We have extensive experience in providing a 'one- stop shop' connection service for many of the UK top construction and residential developers across the UK.


Mike Pearce, CEO
E: mike.pearce@energetics-uk.com
T: 03300 587 401

Graham McCall, CFO
E: graham.mccall@energetics-uk.com
T: 03300 587 401


Steve Morris, Managing Director, Asset Management
E: stephen.morris@energetics-uk.com
T: 03300 587 401


Ged Shannon, Managing Director, Design and Build
E: ged.shannon@energetics-uk.com
T: 03300 587 401


Brian Clark, RD Scotland
E: brian.clark@energetics-uk.com
T: 03300 587 431

Gary Watson, RD, South
E: gary.watson@energetics-uk.com
T: 03300 587 434

Steve Mault, RD North
E: steve.mault@energetics-uk.com
T: 03300 587 432

Denis O’Reily, RD Midlands
E: denis.oreily@energetics-uk.com
T: 03300 587 401

Matt Collinson, Group Legal and Regulatory Director
E: matt.collinson@energetics-uk.com
T: 03300 587 523

Amanda Miller, HR Director
E: amanda.miller@energetics-uk.com
T: 03300 587 405

Maureen Duff, Associate Director Business Systems
E: maureen.duff@energetics-uk.com
T: 03300 587 404

David Thomson, Associate Director High Rise and Commercial Sales and Design
E: david.thomson@energetics-uk.com
T: 03300 587 415

Design and Build

Design and Build

Our in-house design and build teams have unrivalled experience, taking new development plans to create value engineered multi utility networks.

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Energetics Electricity

Energetics Electricity

We are licenced by OFGEM as an IDNO to own the electricity networks we have successfully designed, built and connected to your development.

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Energetics Gas

Energetics Gas

As an OFGEM regulated IGT, Energetics has completed over 46,000 gas connections, and we own and operate over 1,153 gas networks across the UK.

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