Special Circumstances

If you have special requirements, Energetics will endeavour to help.

Health and illness

We realise that some people will have special requirements and reliance on their electricity or gas heating supply at home e.g. for kidney dialysis machines, stair lifts, or to keep particularly warm during severe illness.

Although we cannot guarantee an uninterrupted supply of electricity or gas for vulnerable people who are in these special circumstances, we have created a system to allow us to provide advance notice of interruptions where possible. This allows you time to make other necessary arrangements during the time your electricity or gas may be off.

If you have hearing or sight problems, are elderly, disabled or chronically sick, or require the use of electrically powered health equipment, you may wish to register your details on our special circumstances service database.

Should your electricity go off due to a power cut and you think you may be at risk, please ring your local hospital. We also advise that you pre-arrange alternative options which can be utilised in the event of an emergency.

If you would like to register on our Special Circumstances Database, please call us on 03300 587 443 or click here to provide information using our contact form.

Spoken passwords

In the event that a member of Energetics staff needs to visit your home to investigate or repair a problem with your electricity or gas supply, we can arrange extra security with a special password if you feel you are a vulnerable individual.

Any member of our staff who has to visit your home will give this password to prove they are genuine. If you are ever in any doubt, don't let the caller in.

To set up your personal password, please call us on 03300 587 443 or click here to provide information using our contact form.