Occupational Health & Safety


Energetics Networked Energy Limited design and build electricity, gas and water utility infrastructures at residential and commercial property sites. The company is fully licensed by the regulators to own and operate the gas and electricity networks it installs.

It is the company’s Policy to operate in accordance with a documented and independently accredited Safety Management System complying with the requirements of both HS(G) 65 “Successful Health and Safety Management” and BS OHSAS 18001:2007. In order to achieve this the company is committed to:

·         Compliance with current and future applicable Health and Safety Legislation, approved Codes of Practice and industry recognised guidelines.

·         Providing a safe place of work/safe systems of work with effective control of the Health, Safety and Environmental risks to staff, contractors and the general public, so far as it is reasonably practicable to do so.

·         Making Health and Safety and Loss Control an integral part of the management of the business performance of the company.

·         Setting and reviewing objectives and targets for operational performance, accident investigations and audit programmes to ensure continual improvement.

·         Providing appropriate information, instruction and training, ensuring all employees are aware of their Health and Safety obligations.

·         Allocating sufficient resources as required for the implementation of this Policy.

·         Promoting a positive safety culture and the prevention of injury and ill health.

·         Undertaking a programme of Occupational Health Surveillance for applicable staff.

·         Working in conjunction with the company’s professional Quality, Safety and Environmental Advisors.

·         Promoting joint consultation with employees, the Health and Safety Executive and any other relevant organisation.

·         Working closely with clients to reflect their Health and Safety concerns and requirements into existing practises.

·         Communicating the Policy to all company personnel and making it freely available to customers, the general public and other interested parties.

·         Provide and maintain safe plant and equipment.

This Policy will be reviewed annually.

Overall responsibility for compliance with the commitments as stated in this Policy is vested in the Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Date: 7th November 2018