Energetics Gas Networks

Energetics Gas asset ownership

As we are fully regulated by OFGEM, our gas asset owning company, Energetics Gas Limited, will take ownership of the approved gas networks that our design and build teams have connected to your development. The Asset Management teams will work with you to handle elements such as metering, whilst our engineers respond to any maintenance issues with our equipment.

Energetics is an approved IGT (independent gas transporter) and therefore we meet the same high standards as the large regional gas network distribution companies when it comes to the design, build and maintenance of our gas networks. Our teams build robust infrastructures to ensure there are no issues when it comes to the supply of gas to your developments, however, we continue to monitor our gas distribution equipment, making network alterations and, where required, accommodating new gas connections.

In the event of an emergency, customers and the general public should contact the national dedicated 24/7 gas emergencies telephone number (0800 111 999) managed by the national grid call centre response team. They will then inform the regional GDNO to make safe and resolve the issue.

As a responsible IGT, Energetics has measures in place to ensure any problems with our equipment are permanently repaired. We also extend our emergency support to the public with a dedicated webpage providing useful advice in the event of a gas emergency, or loss of heating and hot water.

Energetics provides an in-house managed end-to-end multi utilities connections service giving you a more flexible, efficient and commercially viable option for your multi utilities provision compared to traditional the single utility route. Click here for more reasons on why you should choose us or if you would like to speak to a member of our team, get in touch with us now by calling 03300 587 443.