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Energetics Electricity asset ownership

When you have signed off the Electricity connections we have built and installed for your development, our Asset Management team will transfer the ownership of the network to Energetics Electricity (the licenced asset owning business within our overall company structure). We will then continue to work for you, maintaining and repairing the network equipment, as well as handling elements for metering.

As an OFGEM regulated IDNO, Energetics is approved to meet the same high standards as DNOs when it comes to the design, build and maintenance of our electricity networks. Although we aim to build robust infrastructures and provide an excellent service when it comes to ensuring a consistent supply of electricity to your developments, our team of engineers will continue to monitor our equipment and cabling, making network alterations and, where required, accommodate new connections.


We uphold our responsibilities as an IDNO and have a dedicated 24/7 electricity emergencies telephone number managed by a call centre response team. As an emergency or network problem is reported, we will deploy our engineers to make the necessary permanent repairs to any faults or alterations to existing supply points. We also have an informative page on our website providing advice and guidance to your consumers and the general public, on what to do in the event of an electricity emergency.

It makes sense to choose Energetics as your end-to-end multi utilities connections provider. Click here for more reasons on why you should choose us or if you would like to speak to a member of our team, get in touch with us now by calling 03300 587 443.

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