What We Do

Energetics Electricity is the part of our organisation that will deal with any issues you have with the supply of electricity to your home or business. Our organisation will make permanent repairs to any faults, make network alterations and, where required, accommodate new connections or alterations to existing supply points.

Its our people you see constructing electricity sub stations and laying cables. These are the people who operate and maintain the equipment that ensures your electricity supply provides the energy to light your home and workplace.


As an independent distribution network owner, we have networks situated throughout the whole of the UK.

Energetics Electricity are able to bring power to homes and businesses throughout the country - providing you with networked energy.

With a growing asset base we aim to be the largest independent operator in the UK, always striving to provide the highest standards of performance, reliability and safety to you.

Please use the following links below to download the Statement of Charging Methodology for Use of Energetics Electricity Ltd  Distribution System, in PDF format.

To request a copy of the charges in excel format please e-mail:






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